The Curious Case of Adnan Syed

Truth is stranger than fiction!You couldn’t make this stuff up!

Those are just two sayings that spring to mind when I think of the Adnan Syed case. I was a late comer to the Serial Podcast. Two years late in fact. Within two Podcasts I was hooked and obsessed. Like, Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad obsessed. I’ve become so engrossed with it all that I’ve not written anything for a month. And being a wannabe indie author that’s not good for business.

After the 12 Serial Podcasts were up I thought I knew it all.

1. Adnan didn’t kill Hae Lee(I still believe that now).

2. Jay is a compulsive liar that was (and still is) a stooge for the police. Basically if Jay told me it was dark outside I would have to check it out for myself!😂

3. The State and the Police had something else going on at hand and wanted a quick and easy conviction of Adnan Syed. But why? I’m not sure yet.

4. This whole case is based on Time Lines. And you can only figure out Time Lines if someone is telling the truth. Even when you have medical evidence and technological evidence that can only lead you so far down the garden path.

5. If Adnan was a white male and Christian would the case have had a different outcome? That’s debatable and probably the Prosecution would say it had nothing to do with the fact Adnan was of Pakistani heritage and a Muslim. But it frustrates me that Adnan was born in America and acted like a normal America teenager yet the Prosecution made him out to be a Pakistani immigrant that acted like a devoted Muslim. From what I heard on Serial that wasn’t the case.

6. Then we have the little chestnut that the entire police investigation was run by the Keystone Cops. My 12 year old son could have done a better job than them Muppets from Baltimore.

So after I thought I got all the information and thought I knew it all I posted on Twitter that I had a feeling that Jay and Adnan was involved in something dodgy. Especially Jay, I still have the feeling he and some of his close friends were caught up in something bad. And what ever that was led Adnan being a scapegoat for Hae’s murder. 
I then got a Tweet back from Rabia Chaudry that basically said in a Game of Thrones way “You know nothing Jon Snow. Read my book.”

Okay, I’ll read your book, I said. But I didn’t. Instead I began to listen to Undisclosed with Susan Simpson and Colin Miller as they got deeper into Adnan’s shady investigation and eventual guilty verdict.

I admit I was blown away by Serial. I’m just about to listen to Episode 9 Charm City of Undisclosed and I can tell you so far my mind has been utterly blown by what I’ve heard. 

I’m sure I’ll get to know more about what really went on back in 1999 because as yet I feel like I’m missing a narrative. A middle point of the story that will make it everything make sense. I presume that missing narrative is who killed Hae Lee and why?

I just hope that both Adnan Syed and Hae Min Lee’s family both get the justice that they deserve.

The Curious Case of Adnan Syed

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