Two Hundred and Fifty.

Two hundred and fifty. It’s not a vast number. But on the other hand it’s not a small number either. You could say it’s a very achievable number. In what way is it achievable? Depends on what two hundred and fifty of something you require I suppose. In my case it’s pre-ordered copies of my book Sometimes Never that I’m trying to get published. There’s this crowdfunding website called Britain’s Next Bestseller. They will publish and promote your book. Winner. Wonderful. Let’s get the ball rolling…..Hang on. Calm down. To achieve this much awaited dream of becoming a published writer you have to get 250 pre-ordered copies of your book. This puts you at the mercy of the reader or more to the point. Potential Readers. How good is your book? Will people be willing to pay £8.99 for an author they’ve never heard of? It’s a gamble that has paid off for some aspiring authors and not others. 

I must admit this is my third attempt of trying to do such thing. Why didn’t it work previously? There may be many factors that contributed to my campaigns being unsuccessful. The first campaign was at Christmas time and the second attempt was a joint effort with eight other writers for a collection of short stories we all wrote for a crime competition. I would like to blow my own trumpet and add that I was the overall winner of the competition. Anyhow, enough of the past and failed attempts. Let’s concentrate on what’s before us!

So, my collection of short stories and novellas is called Sometimes Never. There are two short stories, a detective story called The Good Girl and a humourous one about faith called The Man Who Found God. The novellas consist of a zombie thriller Killing the Dead, a spy adventure set in 1920’s England called Betsy Breedlove and Professor Foxton’s Notebook and finally The Bad Liars’ Club, a black comedy set in a mental health institution.

I have 28 days to achieve my target of 250 pre-orders. Please purchase a copy for yourself, a loved one or even a friend (it would make a fantastic Christmas present. PLEASE, PLEASE SHARE this post and get as many people as you can to buy a copy. I must make it clear if you do pre-order a copy no money is taken from your account unless I reach my target. So if you don’t have the momey now it doesn’t matter. 

Below is the blurbs for the stories in my book and obvisouly the link for Britians Next Best Seller!
The Good Girl

January 2013

Detective Inspector Jonathan Cain is set for the island of Menorca to visit his brother and family when he receives a phone call from his partner DS Lucy Able. A body has been found in Serpentine Woods and it has all the marks of the media dubbed serial murderer Kimberley Killer.

From 2009 to 2010 Kimberley Killer terrorised the Cumbrian town of Kendal, butchering ten men and three women. Kimberley Killer was never caught and it remains the only case D.I Cain hasn’t solved. But after a two year absence Cain has promised himself that this time he will catch her once and for all.
The Man Who Found God

Tim Collingwood hasn’t got many friends, no girlfriend and not much motivation in life. His mother is sick of him moping around.It’s been two years since his father died and Tim still hasn’t come to term with the loss.

Tim’s mother decides its time that he had a holiday. Tim’s flat mate and the love of his life tells him the same thing. Tim has loved Samantha Greening since he first set eyes on her. The downside? Samantha only wants a platonic relationship.

Samantha picks out the ideal holiday for Tim.A walking holiday in The Lake District. Tim wanted sun and sand not dull and dreary rain. But Tim relents and does as he is told.

On the final day of his holiday he meets a tramp called Gerry O’ Donnell who will change his life forever.
The Bad Liars’ Club

Alfie knows too much. He has Secret Knowledge that his nemesis Big Phil and his army of Mind-Repressors are determined to extract from him. But Alfie’s desperate to escape from The Factory and make a break for freedom with his long-time friend Gustov. After all Gustov has assured his friend that on his sixty-third attempt he will be successful. Why sixty-third? Alfie’s not sure and neither is Gustov. 

Then out of the blue Gustov decides to go for a wander without telling Alfie where. With his friend gone Alfie comes across a new inmate called Gentle-Person.To intrigue Alfie’s attention further,a former inmate of The Factory called Alma has returned of her own free will. 

Step inside Alfie’s world were everything is not as it seems. 
Betsy Breedlove &Professfor Foxton’s Notebook


Britain’s most audacious spy Betsy Breedlove has been given her next assignment. She must travel to the Le Rene Hotel in Paris and seduce the world renowned psychiatrist Professor Edgar Foxton and then confiscate his notebook. 

Inside the notebook lie confessions and secrets that would break governments and lead to another Great War. 

Breedlove is accompanied to Paris by her long suffering brother and the Chancellor of the Exchequer Horace Dawley. After being shot at in Prague by Breedlove’s arch nemesis Count Vlodlav, Horace is adamant that this is the last assignment he’s accompanying his sister on. 

The race to prevent another world catastrophe is on! 
Killing the Dead

Ralph Farson is a fourteen year old boy trying to survive in a world full of crazy flesh eating zombies. After killing his parents he leaves his home town of Bergen Grange and goes in search of a safe haven where he hopes to find fellow survivors. He was heading north to Idaho’s state capital of Boise when a change came to his plans. 

He met a man called Derek Lovett.


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