Those Rose Tinted Glasses

Poetry isn’t my forte. If I’m honest it’s because I don’t really get it. I like to write lyrics for songs but I think that’s different to poetry. 

Sometime ago the writing group that I attend set us all a task. Write a poem. We had to choose a topic from six provided and I chose Time.

I was just looking through my red notebook (which contains all my writing ideas) when I came across my poem that I wrote. Here it is….

Rose Tinted Glasses

Rose tinted glasses I stare through. The fondness of a golden age I seek. Memories of old make me smile. The way we were back then shines brighter than the now. 

Children were children and their innocence was unbound. Do not live in the past but cautiously embrace the future. One day our young will look back with the same old rose tinted glasses.


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