Aren’t We All God’s Children?

My wife’s a Christian and I’m Agnostic. We’ve been married for 15 years and so far our different beliefs haven’t caused to much friction in our relationship. I put that down to love conquers all. Isn’t that what life is all about. Love. Not religion, money and status.

Recently my wife has been struggling with such issues as homosexuality and transgender within the Christian faith and in life in general. Man marrying man. Woman marrying woman. Man wanting to be a woman. Woman wanting to be a man. What does it all mean on a religious tone? 

I read an article on Huffington Post yesterday that said the ‘Gay Issue’ would possibly tear the Church apart.  I discussed this with my wife last night and asked her what she thought about it. She was torn on the matter. Her teachings as a Christian is that marriage is for man and woman. But on the other hand we have gay friends who are married and my wife is very found of them. I can sometimes see how she struggles with that matter. Religion vs Love. Who wins? I believe Love will always win. We can’t help who we love no matter what are sexual orientation is. 

 I love debating with my wife about religion and its many flaws. This is what I told her last night. 

“God is all powerful?” I asked her.

“He is.”

“He knows everything?”

“He does.”

“He created the human race?”

“In His image,yes.”

“So, in that case. He knew that people would be gay. He knew that someone born a boy would ultimately want to become a girl and vice a versa?”

A pause. “I suppose.”

“What’s the problem with being gay or transgender in faith then?”

“The bible says….”

“Then bible contradicts itself on so many levels. The Creator of everything does one thing and then the book that is the word of Him says something else. How is that even possible? Someone, somewhere, have got there lines crossed. We are all God’s children. Designed and made by Him. So if folk don’t like what he’s done then take it up with Him in good time.”

But being Agnostic(tilting ever so slightly to Atheism) I could easily say that there is no God. What is is what is. We are born. We live our extraordinary life’s and then we die. Except who we are(and other people) and  don’t get so afraid and bogged down of those who maybe slightly different to you! 😀

Aren’t We All God’s Children?

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