Star Wars Prequels

If you take away all the CGI from the Star War prequels you genuinely have a thought provoking and emotional story. 

A young boy with exceptional gifts is separated from his mother from a very young age(by the mothers wishes of course) and joins a religious order.This weighs heavy on the boys mind as he grows into adolescence. The boy then falls in love. A love that is forbidden.

The boy (now a man) starts to receive visons that his mother is in grave danger. The man returns home and tries to save his mother. He fails. She dies in his arms. He then massacres her captors and their wives and children. His descent to the dark side begins.

His forbidden love takes a further dramatic turn when he marries his forbidden love and she falls pregnant. 

The man then starts to get visions that his forbidden love will die. At all costs he won’t let that happen. He couldn’t save his mother but he will save his forbidden love. To do so he turns further to the dark side. 

He becomes brainwashed by an evil cleric who turns him against his brotherhood. In turn he kills all of the young sect of his religious order. In the end as his forbidden love tries to save him from his dark ways he ends up nearly killing her. The irony it was him who ended up killing his forbidden love. Although she had given up on life is something to look at too.

That is a good storyline ruined by an excessive use of CGI( and a very poor director to boot). But with most Hollywood films since the prequels a very good storyline has been diluted by CGI.

Let’s hope this trend ends soon.


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