Bad Writer or Bad Story or Just Bad Luck

I don’t profess to be a great writer or a talented wordsmith. But I do think my stories are original and readable. Yet no matter what marketing strategies I apply I can’t seem to sell any of my Ebooks. Even for free! Free I tell thee! Free!

I know the self-publishing market is saturated with poorly written Ebooks (I maybe in that bracket) but even those books have over 10 reviews, mostly positive even though the work is shoddy and the reviewers even point that out.

What I am doing wrong? Nothing? Everything? I may come across as a narcissistic writer (aren’t all writers narcissists anyway) but I’ve tried building a social media profile over the last year and still nothing! Dear God why! 

I’ve heard from other writers that it can take years, effort and money to build a social following. Is that true? Or are they just trying to soften the blow? Am I truly a bad writer and my stories that awful they send people running away in fear of their eyes bleeding. 

Well, I’m still clinging onto the belief that I’m a stranded boat in the Atlantic Ocean sending out signals for assistance. One day a convoy of ships will come and rescue me.

Happy Holidays People! 


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