Jedi- A Star Wars Story

Set 400 years before A New Hope. 

On the planet of Jospia Borran Marx is forced to pay off his absent father’s debt by taking part in a sport called Dekkon (your galaxy’s Boxing). His father left a year ago in search of Borran’s older brother Enexus who vanished the year before. 

It was the cunning plan of his father’s debtor Umo Dyo to force Borran into Dekkon as a way of payment. Everyone on Jospia knew that Borran was the best goodamn fighter not only in Jospia but this side of the Galaxy. 

But things aren’t looking good for Umo Dyo. He’s running out of people for Borran to fight. There’s simply no one left for him to fight. But Umo Dyo is determind for Borran to fulfil his father’s debt. So when Umo Dyo hears of a Dekkon competition on the planet Coruscant he whisks his prized fighter off in search of fame and fortune.

Once on Coruscant Borran meets Yoda and he finally gets to know the truth about his father’s and brothers true identity.

Chapter One

Borran Marx was the best goddamn Dekkon fighter on Jospia. His master would go as far to say he was the best fighter this side of the Galaxy. The young man had a lot of anger inside of him and Umo Dyo rubbed his bloated Drakken hands together with greed everytime his slave displaced his rage in the ring. The problem for Umo Dyo was that he was running out of opponents for Marx to fight. No opponents meant no money. No money meant a life of destitute once more. That was something Umo Dyo wasn’t going to let happen. He would rather die of the Jospian wasting disease than be poor again.
Borran Marx had come into Umo Dyo’s possession when he defaulted on a loan repayment that was held against his absent father Makel. Borran had no idea when his father would return. He’d left Jospia a year earlier in search of Enexus Marx, his other son and Borran’s older brother. Enexus had vanished in mysterious circumstances two years before and a simple note had been placed on his unslept bed that read, “Hello Galen.”

Borran still remembed the colour draining from his father’s face as he stared at the note. The hand that clasped it began to shake. After a few moments of agonising silence Makel folded the note and placed it inside his cloak.

“Who’s Galen?” Borran asked.

“Nobody,” Makel replied softly. “Go and tend to the Shullens. They won’t feed themselves.”  

“Where’s Enexus gone? I don’t understand what’s going on.”

Borran saw a flicker of contempt in his father’s eyes. But as soon as it came it had dispersed. Makel forced a weak smile as he lay a hand on Borran’s shoulder. “Go, feed the beasts. I’ll try and explain everything when you’ve done.”

But Makel never did explain to Borran what the note was about and where Enexus had gone. He became distant and drawn and rarely spoke more than ten words a day to Borran. Then in the middle of the night to the exact day Enexus had vanished Makel informed Borran that he was leaving.

“Where?” Borran said blurry eyed and half- asleep in his cot.

“To find Enexus.”

“We don’t know where is he. How can you find somebody when you don’t know where they are?”

“I have a way.” Makel stepped into Borran’s room bent down and kissed him on the forehead. “You must never forget how much I love you Borran.”

“Your talking like you’re not coming back.”

Makel smiled weakly and then stepped out of the room. Borran fell back asleep and wondered if what had happened was a dream.

With his father gone and little money to pay for hired help the Shullen farm struggled to earn Borran a living and payoff his fathers debts. The largest debt was owed to Umo Dyo and he was well known for lack of compassion.

“I’ll work twice as hard to pay you what you’re owed,” Borran pleaded. “Just give me two more weeks and I’ll have your money.”

Umo Dyo sighed dispairingly as he shook his head sadly. “I could give you two years young Marx and you still couldn’t pay me what you owe.”

Borran looked around the treasure laden hovel. The amount of wealth Umo Dyo had he wondered why would he want any more. But Borran knew why. Umo Dyo was a Drakken and the Drakken were a scrupulous and greedy race.

“What can I do then?” Borran said defeated. “How else do I repay you?”

Umo Dyo leaned back in his chair and stroked his grotesquely overweight chin. “I see you’re  a good Dekkon fighter.”

“I can handle myself in the ring.”

“Come now,” Umo Dyo chuckled. “I’ve seen you fight young Marx. You could make a lot of money fighting the scum of Jospia. Actually, how about we come to some agreement.”

Borran didn’t like where the conversation was going. The repulsive smile of Uno Dyo told him the next few moments would seal his fate. “You want me to fight off my fathers debt?”

“Clever boy!” Umo Dyo clapped his hands with mockery and his jowls shook with laughter. “You’re not as stupid as you look. But,yes. You can fight off your old man’s debt.”

“How long will that take?”

“As long as it takes,” Umo Dyo shrugged. “We have to take into account the daily interest your father’s debt accrues.”

“Daily interest! It will take me years to pay it all back!”

“Like I said,” Umo Dyo grinned. “It takes as long as it takes. Now, I’ve got things to do. I want you to be at Moodalow’s Tavern at midnight.”

“You want me to fight tonight?”

“The quicker you start paying me back the better. Now, please leave.”

Borran turned to leave and then stopped in the doorway. “Even before I came here to beg for clemency you knew exactly what was going to happen didn’t you?”

“Of course,” Umo Dyo laughed. “Us Drakken are a forward planning bunch!”


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