The Bad Liars’ Club (Ebook)

Alfie knows too much. He has Secret Knowledge that his nemesis Big Phil and his army of Mind-Repressors are determined to extract from him. But Alfie’s desperate to escape from The Factory and make a break for freedom with his long-time friend Gustov. After all Gustov has assured his friend that on his sixty-third attempt he will be successful. Why sixty-third? Alfie’s not sure and neither is Gustov.Then out of the blue Gustov decides to go for a wander without telling Alfie where. With his friend gone Alfie comes across a new inmate called Gentle-Person.To intrigue Alfie’s attention further,a former inmate of The Factory called Alma has returned of her own free will.

Step inside Alfie’s world were everything is not as it seems.


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